There will be tantalising selection of food available at Founders Park throughout the Twilight Concert; eight different selections of cuisine to tempt both sweet and savoury food-lovers.

Mademoiselle Crêpe

At Mademoiselle Crêpe, we aim to provide affordable healthy food options with a French touch! We prepare genuine French Crêpes (sweet) & Galettes (savoury) on-the-spot in front of you, using local and/or organic products whenever possible. Unbeatable as either a meal full of flavours or a sweet treat. We’ll be at Nelson JazzFest’s Founders Park Twilight Concert on January 5th!

French crepe

Gelato Roma

All our gelato is made with Oaklands milk and fresh, local products. Our sorbets are dairy free, also made with fresh and local ingredients. We have a wide range of flavours you can choose from: chocolate, peppermint, stracciatella, caramel, hazelnut, strawberry or fruits of the forest, lemon, coffee, boysenberry, vanilla and cherry! Other flavours may be available on request.
We also prepare affagatto desserts using vanilla with organic expresso coffee or caramel gelato with espresso coffee. Try one! One adult serve usually costs $3.50 and a child’s scoop is $3. A double adult serve is $5. Desserts are usually $6.

To quench your thirst on a hot Nelson afternoon, we offer cold lightly sweetened sparkling waters in lemon, ginger and lavender flavours mixed with berries and herbs.

Gelato ice-cream truck

Indo Churro

At Indo Churro we use the best fresh produce to create traditional Indonesian cuisine and Spanish churros.  If you’re looking for a meal full of flavour you can’t go past one of our Indonesian dishes and if you’re after something spicy, try adding one of Hellen’s handmade chili sauces to your dish.
If you want a snack or dessert, grab yourself some churros coated in cinnamon sugar, eat them as they are or try them in one or more of our delicious dipping sauces. So come and check us out at the 2018 Jazzfest, you won’t go away hungry!

Sate Babi (Indonesian dish)

Indo churro food

Italian Pizza Garage

Hand made, organic wood fired pizzas. Fresh to order.

wood-fired pizza photo

Taste of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Chef Lelum and wife Shanika are running Taste of Sri Lanka and share the beautiful cuisine of their gorgeous island Sri Lanka. On the menu is: Beef or Chicken Roti, which is dairy and yeast free and Beef & Chicken Combo with roti, meat, lentils & beans.

Sri Lankan Combo dish of roti, meat, lentils & beans.

Sri Lankan food

Mister Chai

New Zealand’s favourite chaiwallahs, Jess and Tim of Mister Chai brew up the best chai this side of Mumbai! Authentic Masala Chai is the national drink of India, and not only tastes amazing but is also a powerful health tonic. We offer a range of options including dairy/sugar/caffeine free, and all our products are gluten free. Hand-blended and freshly brewed, our quality chai is made from scratch with organic ingredients and brought to you with love. So mosey on down to the Jazzfest and spice up your life!

Sri Lankan Combo dish of roti, meat, lentils & beans.

Viva la Vaca

Viva La Vaca is owned and run by Matias, an Argentinian Chef who has a passion for cooking good quality food to perfection, and his partner Chelsea is his Kiwi sidekick!! They prepare tasty Argentinian food in their food cart which has a wood-fired parilla (BBQ) where they cook their meals slowly over hot coals – the smokey flavour is awesome (if they do say so themselves!). They have meat and vegetarian options, with flavours to suit every taste buds. All of these items can be made gluten free and the meat products are all free of preservatives and gluten.  On the menu is:

Steak Argentino – slow cooked steak served on a freshly baked bread roll with coleslaw and chimi churri – this is cooked to the customers’ preference and can be either spicy or not spicy.

Choripan – homemade 100% free range pork Argentinian chorizo (free from gluten and preservatives) served on a freshly baked bread roll and chimi churri – spicy or non-spicy.

Vegetariano – provolone cheese grilled on the parilla with some herbs and spices and served on freshly baked ciabatta with caramelised onions, sundried tomatoes and spinach.

The Works – your choice of steak or chorizo with grilled provolone cheese, caramelised onions, sundried tomatoes, spinach and chimi churri all served on a ciabatta bun.

photo of Viva la Vaca food

Umai Oishii Japanese Kitchen

Umai Oishii translates as delicious yum. Akira adds just the right amount of Umai Oishii to each of his individually hand made gyoza dumplings. Cooked in the pan in front of you, they can be eaten on their own or added to a set meal of Japanese home cooking favourites – Gyudon (shabu shabu sliced simmered beef), Kakuni (ginger soy braised pork), and Japanese Chicken Curry.

Umai Japanese dumplings photo