Where: Founders Park – Twilight Concert starts @ 4pm
Django Junkies with guest vocalist Caro Manins play @ 6pm
Date: Tuesday 3rd January 2017
$10 gate entry, under 16s free – covers five bands.

Where: Honest Lawyer
Date: Thursday 5th January 2017 @ 5pm

Where: Sprig & Fern, Mapua
Date: Friday 6th January 2017 @ 4pm

Django geeks from around New Zealand get together to play acoustic swing music in the style of the legendary Hot Club of France.

Caro Manins – Guest vocalist at Founders Park Twilight Concert
Reuben Derrick – Clarinet
Leigh Jackson – Guitar
Pete Rainey – Violin
Paul Gilmour – Guitar
Bradley Grainger – Double Bass


Caro Manins is an Auckland based composer and performer. She is a multifaceted artist who draws inspiration from the American Songbook to New Orleans and Monk to French Manouche.

Jazz saxophonist and clarinettist Reuben Derrick performs throughout New Zealand and Australia and has shared the stage with Whirimako Black, Delaney Davidson, Jennine Bailey, Richard Nunns, Roger Manins, James Morrison, Mike Nock, Hetty Kate, Leigh Jackson, Naomi Ferguson and many other well known performers. In 2014 he graduated with a Doctor of Musical Arts in composition. In 2015 he was an artist-in-residence at Music Omi in New York. More about Reuben’s music here.

Leigh moved to NZ from London in his teens and has been working professionally for 35 years as a performer, session musician and teacher. He was the first person in NZ to attain a Masters Degree in Jazz which he was awarded with distinction. After 18 years as head and founder of the Jazz Guitar department at the NZSM, he left to rejuvenate his career and pursue new areas. Leigh is active on the Wellington scene playing straight ahead jazz with many different bands and also performs in Europe and Australia in the gypsy jazz scene. He is well known for running the very successful national Gypsy Jazz Workshops of which ten have been held so far.
Examples of Leigh’s playing can be found at http://www.leighjackson.com